Physics Department Equipment

In the UR Physics Department, a trove of specialized equipment and facilities support our ambitious research and teaching programs. These have been made possible by a combination of competitive faculty research grants and the enthusiastic support of the University and private foundations.

Physics facilites and equipment include an atomic force microscope, an astronomical observatory, Gluon Student Computing Cluster, VASE Ellipsometer, biophysics wet labs, an ultrahigh vacuum test facility, and participation in major experiments at the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Laboratory, as well as our specially designed learning laboratories.


Gottwald Center for the Sciences

Dedicated in 2006 after a $37 million expansion and renovation, the Gottwald Center for the Sciences is the home of the biology, chemistry and physics departments.

With 22 teaching laboratories and 50 student-faculty research laboratories, the space includes lab facilities for organic chemistry, biochemistry and neuroscience; a quantitative science center; a nuclear magnetic resonance center; and a digital biological imaging center.

Gottwald equipment, which many physics students use in their interdisciplinary research, includes:
  • A liquid chromatograph mass spectrometer
  • A high-field nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer
  • A scanning electron microscope
  • A confocal microscope