In addition to the outstanding teaching and opportunities for undergraduate research, one of the major strengths of the physics department is the sense of community and dedication to each other that our students and faculty have. The physics department and society of physics students host liquid nitrogen ice cream events and deconstruction nights.

Women's History Month Celebration
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Lily Dickson

Tutor of the Year Award

Congratulations to physics major, Lily Dickson for receiving the 2022 Academic Skills Center's Tutor of the Year Award! In 2021-2022, Lily conducted 130 individual student tutoring appointments, 83% of whom submitted evaluations; the qualitative feedback was plentiful and positive, and her cumulative average is 4.9/5.0.

"Lily is also my go-to tutor for students who are especially struggling; she is the person I can rely on most to help a student in need." - Laura Fitrer, Administrative Coordinator, Academic Skills Center

"She is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful as a tutor, but generally very conscientious and kind too. She creates a very safe space to learn and grow in addition to sharing her expertise." – Tutoring student