Career Preparation & Post Graduation

No matter what you have planned for your future, physics can provide you with a great foundation. We encourage students to talk to their advisors about their career aspirations. Through course work, physics majors gain skills in mathematical modeling, scientific computing, data analysis, and professional writing and communication.  

Beyond Graduation

After graduation, UR physics majors attend competitive graduate school programs and embark on a variety of careers. All three physics degree options are excellent preparation for well-paying jobs straight out of undergraduate studies, graduate studies in physics, medical school, law school, or other graduate programs.

For students interested in graduate studies, we encourage you to participate in research. In addition, ask your professors about working with peers and physics faculty to study for the physics GRE.


University of Richmond students can apply for Summer Research Fellowships lasting between 6 – 10 weeks. The Department of Physics offers students the opportunity to work in UR faculty labs studying Astrophysics and Cosmology, Experimental Nuclear and Particle Physics, Condensed Matter & Nanophysics, and Biological Physics. UR students, including physics majors, work in labs outside of the University as well.

Physics majors have the chance to travel to physics conferences to present research around the country. Working with professors, students gain experience presenting in a professional setting and discuss relevant topics with experts from around the world.

The School of Arts & Sciences showcases student-led research projects each April at the A&S Student Symposium. Public speaking and being able to convey ideas and findings are important preparation for graduate school and careers in any field.