Department of Physics

Department of Physics

The Department of Physics offers students the opportunity to pursue some of nature’s deepest secrets. 

Physics students discover the structures and interactions that constitute the Universe, from the smallest components inside atoms to the largest galaxies, and from living cells to new materials. The University of Richmond physics department is committed to developing a diverse student body and an inclusive community of learners. As a member of the physics department, students can take part in exciting coursework and unparalleled opportunities for research and experiential learning that reinforce the material they are learning in the classroom. This dual emphasis on classical learning and research is what makes University of Richmond physics majors so successful after graduation.

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Dr. Dias students

UR Students Travel to Virginia Academy of Science Meeting

Seven students representing the University of Richmond physics department attended the annual meeting of the Virginia Academy of Sciences. The conference included research talks and posters presentations representing research taking place throughout the state of Virginia. Dr. Dias and Dr. Helms research groups attended and presented work at the meeting.

This regional meeting offers a great opportunity for students to present their research and receive feedback before presenting at a larger national conference. Such as American Physical Society or American Astronomical Society where Richmond student regularly present.

A list of recent conference presentations can be found here

C Gyure

UR Physics Majors Present Research at AAS Conference

In January, University of Richmond students Christine Gyure, Mariona Giner Mascarell, and Vikhyat Agarwal participated in the 234th meeting of the American Astronomical Society (AAS) that was held in St. Louis, Missouri.

The AAS is the major organization of professional astronomers in North America. Its mission is to enhance and share humanity’s scientific understanding of the universe as a diverse and inclusive astronomical community. Students from Dr. Ted Bunn’s and Dr. Jack Singal’s research groups presented work.

Students regularly present work are regional and national conferences more information can be found here


Science of Sports: How do you perform the perfect dive?

Christine Helms, associate professor of physics, unpacks the perfect dive using science as demonstrated by diver Sally Harrington, '26.

Science of Sports: How do you throw the perfect spiral?

In less than two minutes, you can learn how to throw the perfect spiral with associate professor of physics Christine Helms and quarterback Kyle Wickersham.

Physics Major Paige Delsa Finds Power in Physics & the Gym

In this behind-the-scenes video, physics major Paige Delsa, ’25, speaks to what she loves about her Richmond experience, emphasizing the liberal arts approach that enables her to explore and grow in all her interests. 

Paige highlights her physics research saying, “I was really curious what I could do with experimental physics 'cause that wasn’t a space that I had really learned about before. I’ve been doing it for two years now [and] we’re in the process of writing a paper…. I’ve really enjoyed working with Dr. Dias in this lab on such a cool project.”

The Universe: All the Light We Cannot See

Professor Singal Presents at TEDx Event

In this Ted Talk, Dr. Jack Singal says the beauty of our universe is largely unobservable to the naked eye. To understand what is happening, we need to harness all the light we cannot see. Dr. Singal shows us how utilizing wavelengths from radio to gamma-rays will change how we see the universe.

The Science Of Sports
The perfect free throw shot
In the first in a video series on the Science of Sports, physics professor Christine Helms explains how to shoot a better free throw, featuring Spider basketball star Andre Gustavson.
deep space
July 26, 2022
More than meets the eye

UR physics professor Jack Singal explains what we’re seeing in stunning new images from the James Webb Space Telescope.

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Faculty Highlights

Dr. Jack Singal
Singal Published

Jack Singal, associate professor of physics, published "Constraints on the Origin of the Radio Synchrotron Background via Angular Correlations" in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society (MNRAS).

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Dr. Mariama Rebello de Sousa Dias
Dias Published

Mariama Rebello de Sousa Dias, associate professor of physics, published "Photonics Roadmap for Ultra-High-Temperature Thermophotovoltaics" in Joule.

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Dr. Emory (Ted) F. Bunn
Bunn Awarded

Ted Bunn, E. Claiborne Robins Distinguished Chair in the Liberal Arts and professor of physics, received the 2023 Distinguished Scholarship Award from the University of Richmond at Colloquy.

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Dr. Jack Singal
Singal Awarded

Jack Singal, associate professor of physics, received a nearly $600K National Science Foundation grant for a groundbreaking radio sky astronomy project. Learn more

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