Department of Physics

Department of Physics

The Department of Physics offers students the opportunity to pursue some of nature’s deepest secrets. 

Physics students discover the structures and interactions that constitute the Universe, from the smallest components inside atoms to the largest galaxies, and from living cells to new materials. The University of Richmond physics department is committed to developing a diverse student body and an inclusive community of learners. As a member of the physics department, students can take part in exciting coursework and unparalleled opportunities for research and experiential learning that reinforce the material they are learning in the classroom. This dual emphasis on classical learning and research is what makes University of Richmond physics majors so successful after graduation.

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Investigate Wind, Solar, & Bio Energy in Hands-on Renewable Energy Course

Registering for Intro Classes
  • If you can’t register because Bannerweb says you have a missing prerequisite, you may need to register for Calculus 1 (or Calculus 2) in addition to PHYS 131 (or PHYS 132).  If you have already taken calculus but don’t have a formal AP or transfer credit to show for it, please contact the Physics Chair (Matt Trawick at for assistance.
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Congratulations 2023 Physics Grads!

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The Universe: All the Light We Cannot See

Professor Singal Presents at TEDx Event

In this Ted Talk, Dr. Jack Singal says the beauty of our universe is largely unobservable to the naked eye. To understand what is happening, we need to harness all the light we cannot see. Dr. Singal shows us how utilizing wavelengths from radio to gamma-rays will change how we see the universe.

cuwip Jan 23 promo

UR Students Travel to Princeton Conference

Five students representing the University of Richmond attended the January American Physical Society Conferences for Undergraduate Women in Physics (CUWiP). Princeton University hosted one of the 3-day regional conferences for physics majors. It included research talks, panel discussions about graduate schools and careers in physics, workshops and discussions about women in physics, student research talks and poster sessions, and laboratory tours.

UR attendees included Lily Dickson, Brianna Cantrell, Christine Gyure, Mariona Giner Mascarell, and Landry Kimball. The UR Department of Physics coordinated and sponsored round-trip train travel for the First-year to Senior students.

“I really enjoyed Princeton. It was a life-changing experience! I learned a lot about physics and graduate school, but more importantly, I spent time with my physics friends!” – Mariona Giner Mascarell

“I really enjoyed this conference because I felt like I could really connect with the speakers and attendees!” – Brianna Cantrall

The Perfect Free Throw Shot


In the first in a video series on sports science, physics professor Christine Helms explains how to shoot a better free throw, featuring Spider basketball star Andre Gustavson.

AAS Jan 23 promo

UR Physics Majors Present Research at AAS Conference

In January, University of Richmond students Nicolas Ferree, Santi Messmacher Montes de Oca, and Elijah Estoll participated in the 233rd meeting of the American Astronomical Society (AAS) that was held in Seattle, Washington.

The AAS is the major organization of professional astronomers in North America. Its mission is to enhance and share humanity’s scientific understanding of the universe as a diverse and inclusive astronomical community. All students presented in-person or virtually for their work with Dr. Ted Bunn’s research group.

deep space

More than Meets the Eye

Jack Singal, physics professor, explains what we’re seeing in stunning new images from the James Webb Space Telescope.

Upcoming Physics Events

Faculty Highlights

Dr. Jack Singal
Singal Awarded

Jack Singal, associate professor of physics, received a nearly $600K National Science Foundation grant for a groundbreaking radio sky astronomy project. Learn more

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Dr. Jack Singal
Singal Published

Jack Singal, associate professor of physics, published "Diffuse Sources, Clustering, and the Excess Anisotropy of the Radio Synchrotron Background" in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

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Dr. Jack Singal
Singal Published

Jack Singal, associate professor of physics, published "The Second Radio Synchrotron Background Workshop: Conference Summary and Report" in the Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific.

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Dr. Mariama Rebello de Sousa Dias
Dias Published

Mariama Rebello de Sousa Dias, assistant professor of physics, and a former student co-author published "Refractory Metals and Oxides for High-Temperature Structural Color Filters" in Applied Materials & Interfaces.

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