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The Radio Synchrotron Background Workshop

July 19–21, 2017
University of Richmond
Richmond, VA USA

radio synchrotron background science

Scientific Organizing Committee

Jack Singal (Chair - U. Richmond) jsingal (at)
Ted Bunn (U. Richmond) ebunn (at)
Alan Kogut (NASA GSFC) alan.j.kogut (at)
Ken Kellermann (NRAO) kkellerm (at)

This workshop is supported in part by a grant from the National Science Foundation. 

David Ballantyne Georgia Tech
Ted Bunn University of Richmond
Jim Condon National Radio Astronomy Observatory
Jayce Dowell University of New Mexico
Dale Fixsen NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Nicolao Fornengo University of Turin
Ben Harms University of Alabama
Gil Holder University of Illinois
Ken Kellermann National Radio Astronomy Observatory
Alan Kogut NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Tim Linden The Ohio State University
Raul Monsalve University of Colorado
Philipp Mertsch Niels Bohr Institute
Eric Murphy National Radio Astronomy Observatory
Elena Orlando Stanford University
Marco Regis University of Turin
Douglas Scott University of British Columbia
Jack Singal University of Richmond
Tessa Vernstrom University of Toronto
Lenon Xu University of British Columbia
Arsalan Adil University of Richmond
Jibran Haider University of Richmond
Evan Jones University of Richmond