Richmond Home
Professor of Physics, Robert E. and Lena F. Loving Chair
Low-energy nuclear structure physics
Gamma-ray spectroscopy
Stockpile Stewardship
Environmental Radiation
Laboratory Manager
Associate Professor of Physics
Chair, Department of Physics
Big Bang cosmology (theory and data analysis)
Professor of Physics
Electro-nuclear physics
Computational methods
Nuclear non-proliferation and science policy
Active learning strategies in introductory and advanced physics courses
Assistant Professor of Physics
Atomic Force Microscopy
Associate Professor of Physics
Pre-Engineering Advisor
Systems Biology
Signal propagation in genetic networks
Mammalian cells behavior under stress (experimental wet lab approach)
Mathematical formulation of genetic systems in interaction
Laboratory Director, Instructor
Atmospheric Physics
Solar Astronomy
Assistant Professor of Physics
Multiwavelength astrophysics analysis
Data challenges in large survey astrophysics
Instrumentation methods in visible, radio, and microwave
Administrative Coordinator
Associate Professor of Physics
Condensed matter physics and materials science
Polymer materials and self assembly
Black silicon
Nanotechnology and microscopy